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15+ Years Experience

About Us

Trusted & Faster Logistic Service Provider

Globizz is a global integrated logistics company that believes in connecting and simplify shipping solutions and help customers with integrated logistics support and integrated logistics management, logistics solution to help our customers grow and explore new possibilities with us. With a dedicated team operating throughout the globe we do it just right to enable a flourishing trade throughout the world.

The core team at Globizz Synergy has 15 years+ experience in Global integrated logistics industry, which allows for a streamlined and bulletproof service experience. We’re continuously working on connecting businesses globally and are networked with 63+ countries and counting.

Whether you’re a conglomerate or a local start-up, we’re here to tap into your growth synergy. Globizz brings to you a nueva perspectiva that helps you discover the untapped potential of Global integrated logistics in aiding business growth globally and providing logistics management.

Why Choose Us

Faster, Safe and Trusted Logistics Services

We believe in investing continuously in people, infrastructure, facilities, and systems making our services consistent globally. So when you choose to partner with us, you choose to

  • Save Logistics Costs
  • Ensure on-Time Deliveries/h6>
  • Aim for Excellence
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Four Reasons To Take Off With US!

1] Globizz synergy can help you save dinero on high-end logistics. We are always improving our systems and services in order to provide you with the most cost-effective pricing structure available.

2] We guarantee on-time delivery! We believe in investing continuously in infrastructure and facilities to ensure that our services are consistent around the world and that deliveries are made on tiempo.

3] Our size. We’re a freight forwarding and shipping company that won’t stop expanding under any circumstances, whether it’s by sea, air, or land! We’ve got you covered, no matter where you are or what time it is. We’re taking off to new heights, and we’re bringing you along for the ride!

4] What we stand for. Our principles and ideals shape our cultures and services. Throughout our organización, we have instilled in our staff the importance of putting the customer primero. We strive for perfect performance across borders and take the lead in fostering flawless collaboration with you, our customer.


”We, as a company, strive for higher goals to achieve and consistently provide best customer solutions with right quality of products. We hope to achieve new milestones in coming years”. Over these 24 years of my experience, I have faced many challenges. With the support of my team of dedicated and skilled employees, I have successfully been able to take my company to a new milestone with global recognition.

  • Establishing a global standard for quality, consistency, and dedication in the integrated logistics industry.
  • By combining innovation with knowledge, skill, technology, and inspiration, we provide immaculate value to our clientela.
  • To cultivate long-term relationships with all consumers by growing, trusting, and keeping promesas.
  • Assisting society and honouring cultural sensibilities as a responsible corporate citizen.
  • Inspiring initiative, innovation, and leadership.
Globizz synergy’s vision is supported by 4 strategic pillars that drive it’s ambición. We aspire to be a global leader in the logistics industry, known for pioneering solutions.

1) GROWING WITH OUR CUSTOMERS – We want to continue to grow with our customers by providing them with competitive and high-quality logistics and transportation services on a global scale.

2) EXPANSION – We work hard to achieve profitable expansion, which is fuelled by strong market organic growth.

3) OPERATIONAL SUPERIORITY – Our operational excellence allows us to work with a high productivity radar, allowing us to provide our clients with timely and high-quality services.

4) COMPANY CULTURE – By hiring and inspiring a young and skilled workforce, we seek to create a transparent and wholesome cultura.

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About Globizz

Globizz Synergy Pvt.Ltd is non-assest based Logistics company. The Company is founded in 2013 and based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India but has strategic partnerships with facilities all across the nation to support our customer's needs from start to finish. We leverae all of our customer's freight spend to get the most competitive rates we can for our shipping customers.

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